Best Mad Hatter Costumes

Step into the magical world of make-believe with a groovy Mad Hatter costume.
If you're a guy who is a *huge* Johnny Depp fan, if you're a girl who wants a 'different but sexy' costume, if you have a vibrant personality and want your costume to reflect the same - get an authentic Mad Hatter costume this year.
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We all grew up reading the very popular Lewis Carroll book - Alice in Wonderland and everyone - adults and children alike - simply love the quirky, loony, flamboyant character of the Mad Hatter.


1. The Prestige Adult Costume

2. Original Plaid Adult Costume

3. Mad Hatter Costume for Children

4. Girl's Costume

5. Pre-Teen Hatter Costume

6. Why It's Such a Fun Costume!

7. Becoming the Character

8. Similar Costumes

Ready to grab the best one in the market?

Listed below are 5 cool choices for different Mad Hatter costumes - catering to all ages and sizes.
Prestige Alice In Wonderland Movie Adult Costume
Get set to charm everyone at the next costume party with this authentic, snazzy Mad Hatter costume for adult males. 
This magnificent ensembles includes everything you need to rock a party - except for socks, gloves and make-up.
Costume Features:
1. A wacky, authentic 'Johnny Depp' grade hat.
2. Electric orange hair to give you that crazed look with the incredible hat.
3. Plush velvet jackets with fur trimmings.
4. Faux shirt in the front of the costume.
Guys who have tried this costume have LOVED it; and even slightly larger sized females have wowed party-goers with this outlandish ensemble.
Original Style Plaid Mad Hatter Costume
If you want the Mad Hatter craziness and look every bit as quirky as the character from 'Alice in Wonderland', but not be a xerox copy of Johnny Depp - get this Plaid Mad Hatter adult outfit.
It is bright, colorful, cute and portrays all the uniqueness of this loony character with flair!
What you get with this outfit:
1. A plaid jacket with a plaid vest in contrasting color.
2. A huge hat (but without a wig).
3. False shirt front with a BIG bow-tie!
4. Striped pants.

The Child's Costume
All children love the 'Alice in Wonderland' books and cartoons and even the movies.
Dress up your child in this delightful Mad Hatter costume for children and see how cute they look!
With the trademark zany Mad Hatter hat, a very plush velvet jacket to make your kid look dapper, a faux shirt front with a bright vest attached and a huge bow-tie - you cannot go wrong with this costume.
Just so you know - it does not come with pants or an undershirt or any make-up - you'll have to dig in your child's closet for that.
But we all know you'll find matching pants, don't we?
Also, this groovy costume comes in many sizes - so no matter how lean or large-boned your your child is, you can get the right fit.
Mad Hatter for Girls Costume
If there is anything cuter than a boy dressed as Mad Hatter, it is a little girl donning the crazy character's costume!
Make your daughter play the perfect tea-party hostess with this cute outfit.
Costume Features:
The Mad Hatter costumes for girls re perfect for your little princess - it has a pink accented black dress with tea cups on the front!
There is the customary large-sized Mad Hatter hat - but it is a customized metallic pink shade that will please all girls.
Plus, you get a faux leather top with a big green bow-tie to complete this quirky character's little girl ensemble.
For a little more flare, an extra petticoat is also provided. 
The Pre-Teen Costume
This extravagant costume is nearly an exact replica of the Mad Hatter child costume for little girls.
You get the same pink accented outfit with cute see-through pink sleeves and a soft faux leather top.
The only difference here is that you can get it in pre-teen sizes.
Let your daughter make a fashionable statement at this year's costume parties.

Why The Hatter Matters

Still in doubt whether you should get the crazed Hatter's costume?
Here are 3 reasons why you should pick this sweet but loony character's outfit for your costume party this year:
1. You get to wear plush jackets that are colorful and vivid enough to dazzle one and all!
2. Go for the wacky and peculiar hats, and be the most interesting person at any costume party.
3. You get to turn heads with your looks and act crazy at the same time!
Tips on Becoming the Character
The Mad Hatter character from the 'Alice in Wonderland' depicts a quirky guy who is loved by one and all for his sheer innocence and utter madness!
When you don the outlandish outfit, you'll find that you enter the silliness of this character from the Lewis Caroll book with ease. 
Don't be hesitant to display the character's flamboyance and charisma - it goes with the outfit.
After all, nobody wants a sullen or boring Mad Hatter!
Also ensure to apply the perfect make-up and pair up with the perfect accessories. You could even carry a chipped cup in your hand all evening for a very authentic look.
Similar Costumes to Wear & Wow
But if you love 'Alice in Wonderland' so much, why not try the other typically crazy characters costumes - dress up as the Red Queen, get the Miss Wonderland costume,  the mysterious but lovable Cheshire Cat costume and even Alice's costume.
What's stopping you from stepping into their craziness?!

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